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  1. At Casino Royale Vietnam, we are committed to strictly protect the customer's personal information. This is a legal document, which clearly states how Casino Royale Vietnam processes the data collected and in verification of customer's identity. This Privacy Policy is part of the rules and regulations and this policy should be read alongside the rules and regulations.
  2. Casino Royale Vietnam will strive to protect all of your personal information and will not resell or disclose any relevant data to a third party.
  3. Upon registering an account at the Casino Royale Vietnam, you agree that as you are browsing the website, you have fully understood and accepted the detailed usage rules as set out in this policy.
  4. Casino Royale Vietnam team does not allow sending of spam, and we will never send unsolicited e-mails to you. You may receive some e-mails sent out periodically to update you on information and services about Casino Royale Vietnam products. These e-mails will help you to fully enjoy the services of this website when new, fun and interesting promotional activities are launched.
  5. Casino Royale Vietnam uses small data files, which is known as "cookies" for visitors when visiting this website. To make browsing faster and easier, we will be using a temporary "conversation" message to record information. These cookies will automatically disappear once the customer shuts down the browser.
  6. Most Internet browsers will automatically receive cookies, you can set your browser to reject the cookies or displaying of location where the cookie was created. Some of the services of this website should have cookies to gain access.
  7. We will also use cookies to compile anonymous data, it is being used to understand how customers use Casino Royale Vietnam, and improve the page structure (we cannot identify your identify in this way).
  8. The cookie and embedded code provide general and non-personal statistics for browsing this site's web pages. Casino Royale Vietnam will use such information to improve customer service.
  9. We may provide to Casino Royale Vietnam or related affiliate company the data which you provided (or collected from you), but only for the purposes described in this policy.
  10. If all assets (or majority) of Kzing Website that is being used for operation has been acquired by a third party, we may transfer the personal data to the acquirer, so that the acquirer can continue to provide the same service.
  11. We have strict security measures to protect our customer database, wherein only limited internal employees can use. However, each customer is also responsible for preventing any unauthorized connection, to ensure that no one can use your Casino Royale Vietnam account. When you close the Casino Royale Vietnam window, please remember to logout or exit the Casino Royale Vietnam, and keep your password secure to avoid leakage.
  12. Casino Royale Vietnam reserves the right to provide information to the external entity when required by law or when a third party payment company and financial institution selected by Kzing Exhibition Station is required to complete the information to verify your transaction.
  13. We will only keep your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the gaming license.
  14. If Casino Royale Vietnam contains links to other sites, this will be for reference purposes. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of the related website.
  15. Casino Royale Vietnam reserves the right to update and revise this Privacy Policy at any time. Any change to our Privacy Policy is binding and effective immediately.
  16. This privacy policy was updated on October 2014.
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